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Discussion on the Path of the Transformation of Marketing Strategy in the Age of Network Economy

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DOI: 10.23977/icssme.2019.050


Ding Xiaowei

Corresponding Author

Ding Xiaowei


Since the advent of computers, after decades of rapid development, computer technology and Internet technology have become the most important technical fields. The popularity of Internet technology has dramatically changed our way of life, and all aspects of life are integrated with Internet technology. The same is true in the economic field. The combination of the Internet and the economy has created a new space for development and added new impetus to the development of the country. At present, the network economy has occupied a large part of the entire economic field. In the context of this big change, traditional marketing has been unable to adapt to the characteristics and needs of the new network economy. Marketing strategies need to be targeted to adapt to the current economic environment. This paper analyzes the changes and problems of marketing in the age of network economy, points out the significance of changing marketing strategies, and gives specific transformation paths.


Network, Network Economy, Marketing, Transformation

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