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Research on Sculpture Creation under the Background of Digital Technology

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DOI: 10.23977/icssme.2019.046


Meng Jibing

Corresponding Author

Meng Jibing


Digital technology and digitization has gradually become an important symbol of the digital age. Digital technology has a direct impact on art-related fields. Whether artists or artistic work, whether the way of artistic expression or the form and content of materials in the artistic work, these will be carried forward in the process of inheritance. The continuous development of economy and science and technology, as well as the liberal environment of artistic creation, are the reasons for these influences. This paper systematically expounds the inevitability of the application of three-dimensional digital technology in sculpture creation, studies the impact of three-dimensional digital technology on traditional sculpture creation, and finally studies the application of three-dimensional digital technology in sculpture creation.


Three-dimensional Digital Technology, Sculpture Creation, Application

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