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The Deep Integration of University Archives Utilization and "Internet +"

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DOI: 10.23977/icssme.2019.013


Tao Yan

Corresponding Author

Tao Yan


With the development of science and technology, the carrier format of information carrier and the way of information production are also in a state of constant updating. Under the background of the increasing demand for information, the archives cause in colleges and universities will face new opportunities and challenges. If the deep integration of college archives utilization and "Internet + " can be realized, the function of information sharing and service can be realized to a certain extent, which is also the inevitable trend of the development of the times. In order to realize the reform of archives work in traditional colleges and universities, it is necessary to rationally use modern Internet technology to realize the service and sharing of archives information in colleges and universities.


University, Archives Utilization, Internet +

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