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Research on the construction of large-scale online open courses of foreign languages

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DOI: 10.23977/icssme.2019.008


Yang Jing

Corresponding Author

Yang Jing


With the rapid development of online open courses, colleges and universities have been striving to build online open courses in order to further improve teaching efficiency and quality and achieve good teaching effects. The so-called online open network courses teaching mode is mainly based on network information technology, enriching foreign language education resources from the root of teaching, optimizing the teaching environment and classroom teaching mode, and meeting the needs of the individualized learning requirements of foreign language students in colleges and universities to the largest extent. Moreover, the online open courses teaching mode can not only improve the efficiency and effect of teaching, but also provide new ideas for the reform of foreign language teaching innovation in colleges and universities. Based on this, this paper mainly analyzes the construction of large-scale online open courses of foreign languages in detail.


Foreign languages, large-scale, online open, the construction of courses

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