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Analysis on the Service Capacity of University Canteens under the Epidemic Prevention Based on Queue Theory

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DOI: 10.23977/trance.2023.050706 | Downloads: 13 | Views: 201


Yuan Ningman 1, Wang Xianhua 1, Chen Xiaoxin 1


1 Department of Mathematics, Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology, Beijing, China

Corresponding Author

Wang Xianhua


During the epidemic period, the good service capacity of university canteens is of great significance for formulating scientific epidemic prevention and control measures and solving the phenomenon of student dining congestion. In order to solve the congestion phenomenon, during the epidemic prevention and control period, our school implemented the staggered peak dining, that is, according to different grades and different teaching buildings, the class is set at different times to reduce the queuing phenomenon. Based on this background, questionnaire survey, theoretical research and mathematical statistics are used to conduct preliminary exploration and analysis of the data, and the service time, dining time and service window of the school canteen are investigated. Based on the queuing theory, MATLAB simulation is carried out, and the canteen service system under the two modes is evaluated and analyzed by using the simulation model. Some suggestions for reasonable window opening under two modes are given.


MATLAB, Queue Theory, Simulation, Service capacity


Yuan Ningman, Wang Xianhua, Chen Xiaoxin, Analysis on the Service Capacity of University Canteens under the Epidemic Prevention Based on Queue Theory. Transactions on Comparative Education (2023) Vol. 5: 35-41. DOI:


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