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A Review of Manufacturing Quality Chain Management

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DOI: 10.23977/acccm.2021.030102 | Downloads: 9 | Views: 260


Xiaoli Qu 1, Qiang Liu 1, Yu Guo 2, Ming Liu 1


1 School of Economics and Management, Liaoning University of Technology, Jinzhou, Liaoning, China, 121001
2 School of Economics and Management, Harbin Engineering University, Harbin, Heilongjiang, China, 150001

Corresponding Author

Xiaoli Qu


With the improvement of economic life quality, the quality chain management is paid more and more attention. Any node on the quality chain changes, the rest of the quality chain will also be positive or negative impact. Therefore, more and more scholars pay attention to quality chain management. Before researching quality chain management is still in the primary stage, most of the study only stays at the conceptual level, revealing the black box of quality chain management is imperative. Based on this, this paper first introduces the origin of the mass chain and its development stage is analyzed; Secondly, the paper analyzes and expounds the causes of the quality chain, and defines the concept and characteristics of the quality chain. Thirdly, the paper evaluates and analyzes the research status of the quality chain by using the literature analysis method, finally, the future research direction is prospected.


quality chain; manufacturing; review


Xiaoli Qu, Qiang Liu, Yu Guo, Ming Liu, A Review of Manufacturing Quality Chain Management. Accounting and Corporate Management (2021) 3: 7-12. DOI:


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