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Research on Sliding Mode Observer Control for Missile Pitch System

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DOI: 10.23977/acss.2023.070415 | Downloads: 10 | Views: 285


Junwei Lei 1, Hong Wang 1, Jing Yu 1, Lingling Wang 1


1 College of Coast Defence, Aval Aviation University, Yantai, 264001, China

Corresponding Author

Junwei Lei


A new type of three sliding mode surface disturbance observer was design for the pitch channel control system of missile attack angle tracking. The error and disturbance of attack angle loop is approximate by the sliding mode type observer; and also the pitch speed signal loop was also designed by sliding mode observer with an integral sliding mode surface. And based on backstepping method, the pitch speed error loop was designed by sliding mode control method, and the whole system is stable according to Lyapunov stability theory with three sliding mode controller s and two sliding mdoe observers. At last, Numerical experiment was done to test the stability of the whole system with designed controller.


System Disturbance; Nonlinear Observer; Backstepping Design Method; Missile Pitch Channel Control System


Junwei Lei, Hong Wang, Jing Yu, Lingling Wang. Research on Sliding Mode Observer Control for Missile Pitch System. Advances in Computer, Signals and Systems (2023) Vol. 7: 103-109. DOI:


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