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An analysis of the impact of the US presidential election on the Sino-US economy

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DOI: 10.23977/ferm.2021.040106 | Downloads: 6 | Views: 284


Hui Zhang 1, Yuchen Guo 2, Cheng Guo 2


1 School of Management, Xi 'an University of Science and Technology, Xi 'an, Shaanxi 710600
2 School of Communication, Xi 'an University of Science and Technology, Xi 'an, Shaanxi 710600

Corresponding Author

Hui Zhang


The United States has a presidential system, and presidential elections are held every four years. The American presidential election system is an electoral college system. According to the 22nd Amendment to the current U.S. Constitution, the term of office of the President of the United States is four years, which can be re-elected. The presidential candidates are Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democratic opponent Joe Biden. Because they come from different political parties, their ruling ideas are very different. This topic is to discuss the influence of American election.The two presidential candidates have different political positions and administrative plans on key issues such as national economy, immigration, education, etc. The election of different candidates and their different ruling styles and policies will affect different development models of the global economy. This will also have an impact on America's own economy.


Principal component analysis, canonical correlation analysis and cubic exponential smoothing prediction of comprehensive index system


Hui Zhang, Yuchen Guo, Cheng Guo, An analysis of the impact of the US presidential election on the Sino-US economy. Financial Engineering and Risk Management (2021) 4: 73-78. DOI:


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