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Technology Development and Application of IR Camera: Current Status and Challenges

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DOI: 10.23977/infrmw.2023.010101 | Downloads: 76 | Views: 1243


Ying Yu 1


1 School of Information and Intelligent Engineering, University of Sanya, No. 191 Xueyuan Road, Sanya, China

Corresponding Author

Ying Yu


Infrared cameras (i.e., IR cameras) are digital imaging devices that are sensitive to electromagnetic waves with wavelengths ranging from 0.76μm to 1000μm. With the rapid advancement of infrared imaging technology, optics manufacturers continue to enhance their products to compete in high-demand areas. Technological and application feasibility has driven the demand, so IR cameras and other thermal devices have been at the forefront of the market. IR cameras have been used on various occasions, such as military, security, automatic driving, industrial manufacturing, smart home, etc. In this paper, we mainly introduce the application status of IR cameras and infrared technology at home and abroad, provide an in-depth analysis of the global infrared camera market, illustrate the market dynamics and growth opportunities for infrared products, and forecast the challenges and market prospects, which are helpful to gain insights into the competitive landscape, as well as the product innovation and strategies of the major participants.


IR camera, IR technology, IR camera market, Growth, Trends


Ying Yu, Technology Development and Application of IR Camera: Current Status and Challenges. Infrared and Millimeter Wave (2023) Vol. 1: 1-7. DOI:


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