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Discriminant analysis text to predict customer loss in the real estate industry

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DOI: 10.23977/acccm.2020.020106 | Downloads: 7 | Views: 1086


Yu Zhao 1, Tong Bai 2, Yingnan Jia 3


1 Institute of Date Science, City University of Macao, Avenida Padre Tomás Pereira, Macao, China
2 Institute of Business Adminstration, Krirk University, Ram Inthra Rd, Bangkok, Tailand
3 School of Economic and Management, SHIHEZI University, Shibeisi Rd, Xinjiang, China

Corresponding Author

Yu Zhao


Customer churn in a broad sense means that customer service is terminated because the behavior of the customer or real estate operator is contrary to the service agreement. In fact, in real life, the main reason for the loss of customers is because customers are not satisfied with the real estate operator's service attitude and manner, or other real estate operators give more favorable prices. Customer churn forecasting is the process of using historical data recorded by customers to identify potential churning customers. He is a very important concern for the various service industries. Especially in the highly competitive financial, telecommunications, real estate, and other industries.


Linear Discriminant Analysis, Customer Loss, Real Estate Industry


Yu Zhao, Tong Bai, and Yingnan Jia, Discriminant analysis text to predict customer loss in the real estate industry. Accounting and Corporate Management (2020) 2: 67-70. DOI:


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