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Research on the Government's Responsibility in China's Social Security under the Background of the COVID-19

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DOI: 10.23977/socsam.2023.040106 | Downloads: 11 | Views: 454


Tingting Yin 1, Keying Wu 1, Xiaoli Xie 1, Mengtong Wei 1, Xinjie Zheng 1


1 Tianjin University of Science and Technology, Tianjin, China

Corresponding Author

Tingting Yin


In the face of the sudden COVID-19, social security has made a significant contribution to winning the war on epidemic prevention and control, playing an irreplaceable role in helping epidemic prevention and control and stabilizing economic and social development order, and the effective play of social security role depends on the performance of government responsibilities, so it is of great practical significance to study the government responsibility in China's social security in the context of the COVID-19 epidemic. This paper starts from the theoretical level, and analyzes the theoretical basis and practical needs of the government to undertake social security responsibilities. Secondly, it specifically analyzes the responsibility of the government in the context of the COVID-19 epidemic from three aspects: ensuring employment, stabilizing the economy and improving services. On this basis, it further analyzes the practical dilemma in the implementation of the government's responsibility. Finally, the paper puts forward measures to improve government responsibility.


COVID-19; Social security; Government responsibility


Tingting Yin, Keying Wu, Xiaoli Xie, Mengtong Wei, Xinjie Zheng, Research on the Government's Responsibility in China's Social Security under the Background of the COVID-19. Social Security and Administration Management (2023) Vol. 4: 41-47. DOI:


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