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Simulation production process database based on the whole process of large ring parts and its application

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DOI: 10.23977/jemm.2020.050106 | Downloads: 21 | Views: 1576


Yujie Jiang 1, Zhoude Qu 2, Xiaochuan Dong 2


1 National-Local Joint Engineering Laboratory of Intelligent Manufacturing Oriented Automobile Die & Mould
2 TianJin University of Technology and Education, TianJin, 300222, China

Corresponding Author

Yujie Jiang


Ring rolling, also known as ring rolling or reaming, is a plastic processing technology of ring rolling equipment (ring rolling machine) to make the ring produce wall thickness or height reduction, diameter expansion and section contour forming. It is suitable for all kinds of seamless ring production and manufacturing, especially for large size ring. Compared with the traditional casting, forging, welding and forming methods, ring rolling technology has obvious technical and economic advantages such as energy-saving and material saving, high product precision, good internal quality, low production cost, etc. The complete technological process of ring rolling mainly includes a series of procedures such as blanking, heating, upsetting, punching, expanding and rolling. Through the numerical simulation of ring rolling, the stress and strain distribution, microstructure change and temperature change in the ring forming process can be obtained, which provides scientific basis for the formulation of processing technology. Therefore, scholars at home and abroad have begun to study the process of large ring.


ring rolling, rigid plastic finite element, process database


Yujie Jiang, Zhoude Qu and Xiaochuan Dong, Simulation production process database based on the whole process of large ring parts and its application. Journal of Engineering Mechanics and Machinery (2020) Vol. 5: 28-31. DOI:


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