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Image Segmentation Method for Rail Track Obstacle Based on Improved Fast Binarization

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DOI: 10.23977/jipta.2016.11005 | Downloads: 75 | Views: 6160


Xu Tiantian 1, Li Jiying 1


1 School of Electronic & Information Engineering, Lanzhou Jiao tong University, Lanzhou, 730070, China

Corresponding Author

Xu Tiantian


The idea of recursion and limited range is introduced in the traditional fast binarization algorithm. Firstly, according to the characteristics of the fast binarization algorithm, the recursion formulas of four parameters are deduced, and the complexity of the image is calculated . Then fast threshold segmentation of image is finished within the reduced gray level range. Because of considering the four parameters formula of recursive and fully aware of the images complexity, the gray value of the image to be traversed is greatly reduced, and the redundancy of the algorithm is reduced. Finally, the improved algorithm is applied to extraction of railway track obstacle. The experimental results show that this algorithm complexity is lower than traditional algorithm and Otsu, and the computation speed can be improved by about 60%. It can meet the real-time requirement for railway track obstacle image segmentation, and the segmentation effect is almost the same as the traditional one.


Image segmentation; Fast binarization algorithm; Image complexity; Railway track obstacle


Jiying, L. and Tiantian X. (2016) Image Segmentation Method for Rail Track Obstacle Based on Improved Fast Binarization. Journal of Image Processing Theory and Applications (2016) 1: 21-26.


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