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Studys on the Prevention and Treatment of Tuberculosis in HIV/AIDS Patients

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DOI: 10.23977/jasv.2020.020101 | Downloads: 20 | Views: 2166


Yaoying Xie 1, Fan Yang 1


1 College of Clinical Medical, Inner Mongolia University for Nationalities, Inner Mongolia, 028000, China

Corresponding Author

Yaoying Xie


The present study was conducted to explore and analyze the prevention and treatment of tuberculosis in HIV/AIDS patients.We analyzed and studied 80 cases of HIV/AIDS combined with tuberculosis, 80 cases of simple tuberculosis and 80 cases of healthy physical examination admitted to Guiping people's hospital from March 2018 to March 2019.The patients were classified as cases, tuberculosis, healthy group, and three groups of patients, respectively, for acid fast bacilli smear tests, mycobacterium tuberculosis culture test, tuberculin test, chest radiographic testing, and cases, tuberculosis patients were symptomatic treatment, at the end of the study of the statistical methods can be compared to the three sets of results.The results of chest imaging examination in the three groups were significantly different. The detection rates of diffuse chestnut granulosa shadow, fibrous cable shadow, exudative frosted glass shadow and multi-lung field distribution in the case group were higher than those in the tuberculosis group and the healthy group (P<0.05).The detection rates of cavity and pleurisy in the case group were lower than those in the tuberculosis group and the healthy group (P<0.05).The detection rates of the middle and lower lung fields and the upper apical lung fields in the case group were no different from those in the tuberculosis group (P>0.05).However, the detection rate was higher than that of the healthy group (P<0.05).The effective rate of tuberculosis group was significantly higher than that of case group after symptomatic treatment (P<0.05).Clinical data show that there are certain similarities between the clinical symptoms and pathological manifestations of HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis, but the treatment difficulty of HIV/AIDS combined with tuberculosis is higher. In order to improve the treatment effect of HIV/AIDS patients, timely prevention of tuberculosis should be done to reduce the probability of HIV/AIDS combined with tuberculosis and improve the clinical treatment effect.


TB, Prevention, Treatment, Acid fast bacilli smear, Combined with bifidobacterium culture test, Tuberculin test


Yaoying Xie, Fan Yang. Studys on the Prevention and Treatment of Tuberculosis in HIV/AIDS Patients. Journal of Animal Science and Veterinary (2020) 2: 1-5. DOI:


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