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Electric power transaction of electric vehicle based on smart contract and double auction

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DOI: 10.23977/acss.2020.040102 | Downloads: 19 | Views: 891


Baoyi Wang 1, Xiaoyuan Liu 1, Shaomin Zhang 1


1 School of Control and Computer Engineering, North China Electric Power University, China

Corresponding Author

Baoyi Wang


The increase of the number of electric vehicles leads to serious peak valley imbalance in the power grid. In order to achieve "peak cutting and valley filling", according to the energy storage characteristics of electric vehicles, this paper proposes an electric vehicle group (EVG) energy trading method based on smart contract and double auction matching mechanism, and constructs the electric energy transaction process of the electric vehicle and electric vehicle in the electric vehicle group under the unbalanced load of the power grid. Through deploying the double auction matching algorithm to the smart contract, the automatic execution of matching transaction and automatic clearing of transaction cost are realized, which saves the economic cost of manual matching mode. In addition, the multi-stage quotation method proposed greatly improves the number of transactions. The simulation experiment based on Monte Carlo simulation shows that the power transaction method can not only effectively alleviate the peak valley problem of power grid load, achieve the effect of "reducing peak and raising Valley", but also can improve the transaction efficiency.


electric vehicles, smart contract, double auction


Baoyi Wang, Xiaoyuan Liu and Shaomin Zhang. Electric power transaction of electric vehicle based on smart contract and double auction. Advances in Computer, Signals and Systems (2020) 4: 7-12. DOI:


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