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Microstructural and Mössbauer Studies of Samarium Doped Cu0.5Co0.5Fe2-xSmxO4 Nanoferrites

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DOI: 10.23977/pmcp.2022.030101 | Downloads: 25 | Views: 1701


Kaimin Su 1, Guangbai Yuan 1, Hu Yang 1, Yun He 2


1 College of Physics and Technology, Guangxi Normal University, Guilin 541004, China
2 Guangxi Key Laboratory of Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Technology, Guangxi Normal University, Guilin 541004, China

Corresponding Author

Yun He


Samarium substituted cobalt ferrite Cu0.5Co0.5Fe2-xSmxO4 (x=0~0.05) powders have been prepared by a sol-gel auto-combustion method. XRD results indicate that the production of a single cubic phase of ferrites. The lattice parameter decrease and the average crystallite size also decrease with the substitution Sm3+ ions. SEM shows that the ferrite powers are nanoparticles. Room temperature Mössbauer spectra of Cu0.5Co0.5Fe2-xSmxO4 is two normal Zeeman-split sextets, which display ferrimagnetic behavior. The saturation magnetization and residual magnetization all decrease with the incorporation of the Sm3+. But the coercivity shows no significant change when the content x≤0.03, but the coercivity abruptly increase up to 1128.9 Oe when x=0.05 with the Sm3+ ions doping.


Cu-Co Ferrite, Sol-gel method, Structure, Mössbauer, Magnetic


Kaimin Su, Guangbai Yuan, Hu Yang, Yun He, Microstructural and Mössbauer Studies of Samarium Doped Cu0.5Co0.5Fe2-xSmxO4 Nanoferrites. Progress in Materials Chemistry and Physics (2022) Vol. 3: 1-8. DOI:


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