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Application, Management and Industrialization of Aerospace Science and Technology of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

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DOI: 10.23977/aeroe.2022.030101 | Downloads: 42 | Views: 1992


Liting Shan 1


1 Space Star Technology Co., Ltd (SSTC), Beijing, 100095, China

Corresponding Author

Liting Shan


In February 2021, the successful hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games once again made the world witness the strength of China, and also made more people impressed by "China's aerospace power". It is of pioneering significance for the application of the "aerospace development pattern" in industrial projects and the application of systems engineering management methods in the Winter Olympics. Faced with tight schedule, epidemic situation and other practical difficulties, the Winter Olympics aerospace team used scientific ideas, methods and paths to break the bottleneck. It once again proved the effectiveness and reliability of the "aerospace development pattern" in major national activities. In this paper, the application of aerospace science and technology in Beijing Winter Olympic is introduced, the aerospace science and technology in engineering projects and the characteristics of aerospace engineering management methods are analysed, and the industrialization of aerospace science and technology is explored to how better serve the people at home and abroad, the industrial projects, civil and commercial enterprises, and to provide ideas for the related people.


Application, Management, Industrialization, Aerospace Science and Technology, Beijing 2022


Liting Shan, Application, Management and Industrialization of Aerospace Science and Technology of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. Aerospace and Electronics (2022) Vol. 3: 1-10. DOI:


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