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On the Value and Study of Calligraphy Education

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DOI: 10.23977/trance.2022.040101 | Downloads: 1 | Views: 197


GongGu Leo 1, CaiPeng Lin 1, YuJinKe Katrina 1, RONALD F. JUDAN 1


1 University of the Cordilleras, Baguio City, Benguet, Philippines

Corresponding Author

GongGu Leo


Chinese calligraphy education belongs to a part of education, currently used in elementary schools middle schools and Universities. The main purpose is to guide the students to learn calligraphy culture and history, the problems encountered in the aspect of calligraphy education, and how to solve such problems will be discussed in this article related to Chinese calligraphy, To echo calligraphy education. Calligraphy in a fine arts as the main body of the strong humanistic spirit of the environment to be looked at, put it in a world culture, a nation's visual expression of such a pattern to carry out teaching. So all the fine arts, from traditional Chinese painting to western oil engraving, all these are mutually stimulating and complementary with the teaching of calligraphy, especially forming a great influence on students, making the teaching of calligraphy constantly find its own position in the comparison with other disciplines of fine arts. In order to make calligraphy teaching and creation research in fine arts also face such a fundamental problem as tradition and innovation, and also face the situation of globalization and local, get a good comparison, think about the common problems, grasp the unique foothold, and solve the educational problems.


Calligraphy education, Calligraphy culture, Calligraphy history, Learning calligraphy


GongGu Leo, CaiPeng Lin, YuJinKe Katrina, RONALD F. JUDAN, On the Value and Study of Calligraphy Education. Transactions on Comparative Education (2022) Vol. 4: 1-14. DOI:


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