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Design and Implementation of Scientific Research Data Platform Based on Psychiatric Big Data

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DOI: 10.23977/jnca.2019.41004 | Downloads: 16 | Views: 1287


Feng Gao 1, Wei Zhong 1, Xinlei Chen 1, Guangzhong Yin 1


1 Suzhou GuangJi Hospital, Suzhou 215137, Jiangsu, China

Corresponding Author

Wei Zhong


Health care big data is an important basic strategic resource of the country. The application of medical big data is of great significance for clinical medical research, scientific management and the transition and development of medical service mode. Regarding the mining and research of big data in psychiatry, there is no corresponding research in China and abroad. Establish a clinical data center system: collect all the data of the hospital's clinical information system, including structured data and pathological reports in text format, scans of past medical records, etc. The main function of such system is to clean, store and refactor data for clinical and scientific analysis with the common data model (Common Data Mode1) as the core. In this article, in order to illustrating design and implementation of such system, architecture design, key technology and implementation steps are introduced in detail as well as the safety and reliability. Relied on the big data mining and analysis technology of electronic medical records, in the future, a clinical data center system would be applied to clinical medicine, scientific research data support, and guiding treatment programs.


Psychiatry, Big data, Research platform


Feng Gao, Wei Zhong, Xinlei Chen and Guangzhong Yin, Design and Implementation of Scientific Research Data Platform Based on Psychiatric Big Data. Journal of Network Computing and Applications (2019) 4: 21-25. DOI:


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