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The Structure Design of a New Kind Powder Dispenser

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DOI: 10.23977/jemm.2022.070104 | Downloads: 58 | Views: 1216


Guanghui Bao 1, Wencheng Wang 1,2, Zijian Zhao 1


1 Department of Mechanical Engineering, Hebei University of Wear Resources and Electric Engineering, Hebei Changzhou 061000, China
2 Hebei Industrial Manipulator Control and Reliability Technology Innovation Center, Hebei Changzhou 061000, China

Corresponding Author

Guanghui Bao


Aiming at the problems of older people often forget to take medicine or take the mistake dose, The structure of an powder dispenser was designed, which was composed of a powder storage device, a powder delivery device, a powder collection device, a powder weighing device, a water heating device, a powder preparation device and a drug delivery device. The medicine dispenser is equipped with three reminding alarm clocks to meet the user's medication needs in three different time periods: morning, noon and evening. the alarm sounds, and the user only needs to press the corresponding powder button to realize the medicine out. The device can help the elderly and children simplify the steps of taking powdered medicines, prevent safety accidents such as burns when taking the powdered medicines, and enable the elderly and children to obtain the prepared medicines with one button and drink them directly.


Smart pill box, powdered medicine, safe medication, structure design


Guanghui Bao, Wencheng Wang, Zijian Zhao, The Structure Design of a New Kind Powder Dispenser. Journal of Engineering Mechanics and Machinery (2022) Vol. 7: 26-31. DOI:


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