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Design of integrated protection systems for Endless-rope Winder in Coal mines

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DOI: 10.23977/ssge.2021.030109 | Downloads: 13 | Views: 824


Zhe Ju 1,2, Hongkui Zhang 1,2, Hongzhang Lv 3, Zhaoling Song 4, Kaiyang Wu 5, Ruiyun Chen 6


1 CCTEG Shenyang Research Institute, Fushun Liaoning 113122, China
2 State Key Laboratory of Coal Mine Safety Technology, Fushun Liaoning 113122, China
3 Qingdao Veccon Electric Co., Ltd, D, Shandong Huainan 266229, China
4 Shandong Century Mine Electromechanical Co. LTD, Shandong Zoucheng 273500, China
5 Shandong Century Mine Electromechanical Co. LTD, Shandong Taian 271000, China
6 Huainan Mining Group Corporation Limited, Anhui Huainan 232001, China

Corresponding Author

Zhe Ju


In order to improve the safety and intelligence level of coal mine endless-rope winch and adapt to the intelligent construction needs of coal mine industry, a comprehensive protection system for coal mine endless-rope winches is proposed. Based on the analysis of the development direction of coal industry and the use environment and structural characteristics of coal mine endless-rope winch, the integrated protection system of coal mine endless-rope winch is designed based on PLC, and the over-roll protection, overload protection and overspeed protection functions are designed in detail to provide reference for the development of intelligent technology of coal mine endless-rope winch.


Coal mine, endless-rope winch, integrated protection, over-roll protection


Zhe Ju, Hongkui Zhang, Hongzhang Lv, Zhaoling Song, Kaiyang Wu, Ruiyun Chen, Design of integrated protection systems for Endless-rope Winder in Coal mines. Smart Systems and Green Energy (2021) Vol. 3: 46-49. DOI:


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