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An Analysis of the Regulations on Environmental Damage to Outer Space Caused by Space Debris

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DOI: 10.23977/law.2022.010105 | Downloads: 40 | Views: 1594


Yijun Zhang 1


1 East China University of Political Science and Law, Shanghai, 201620, China

Corresponding Author

Yijun Zhang


With the increasing frequency of human exploration and utilization of outer space,the amount of space debris has soared in recent years,which is causing environmental damage to outer space.Space debris is generated by abandoned space objects or particulate matter,mainly including obsoleted space equipment,satellites which have lost efficacy,rocket debris,and the debris caused by secondary collisions.Although an increasing number of problems resulted by space debris are gradually emerging and need to be tackled forthwith,effective measures have not been taken by related organizations so far.Improvement in outer space legislation,establishment of a unified dispute settlement organization and so forth are all imperative tasks for countries.


Environmental damage, Space debris, Space law


Yijun Zhang, An Analysis of the Regulations on Environmental Damage to Outer Space Caused by Space Debris. Science of Law Journal (2022) Vol. 1: 19-26. DOI:


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