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Research Progress of HEA Wear-Resistant Coatings for Strengthening Mechanism

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DOI: 10.23977/jmpd.2022.060104 | Downloads: 14 | Views: 552


Ma Mingxing 1, Li Shangzhi 1, Dong Chen 1, Wang Zhixin 1, Zhang Zhixin 1, Li Xin 1, Yu Yiheng 1, Liu Wendong 1


1 School of Materials and Chemical Engineering, Zhongyuan University of Technology, Zhengzhou 450007, China

Corresponding Author

Wang Zhixin


This paper discusses and analyses the preparation methods, performance characterization and analysis methods, influencing factors, and strengthening mechanism of high-entropy alloy wear-resistant coatings, and then perfects and enriches the relevant theories of high-entropy alloys.


High entropy alloy, Wear-resistant, Strengthening mechanism, Research progress


Ma Mingxing, Li Shangzhi, Dong Chen, Wang Zhixin, Zhang Zhixin, Li Xin, Yu Yiheng, Liu Wendong, Research Progress of HEA Wear-Resistant Coatings for Strengthening Mechanism. Journal of Materials, Processing and Design (2022) Vol. 6: 13-16. DOI:


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