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Research on Privacy Protection Scheme Based on Certificateless Aggregation Signcryption in AMI

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DOI: 10.23977/iotea.2019.41002 | Downloads: 63 | Views: 4225


Wang Baoyi 1, Liu Li 1, Zhang Shaomin 1, Huang Jing 1


1 School of Control and Computer Engineering, North China Electric Power University, Baoding, 071003, China

Corresponding Author

Wang Baoyi


User's power smart meter value is frequently uploaded to the power company by the smart meters, which makes users face privacy leakage issues. The smart meter sends the data to the power company through the data concentrator. So the data concentrator has a large amount of data to be transmitted. Therefore, we design a secure certificateless aggregation signcryption scheme for this problem. Using the scheme not only protects the user's power usage information from being leaked, but also reduces the amount of data transmitted by the data concentrator by aggregation. Through calculation and comparison, it is concluded that implementing the scheme has shorter computing time than the existing security scheme, which can greatly improve the data transmission efficiency.


AMI, certificateless aggregation signcryption, privacy protection


Baoyi, W., Li, L., Shaomin, Z., Jing, H., , Research on Privacy Protection Scheme Based on Certificateless Aggregation Signcryption in AMI, Internet of Things (IoT) and Engineering Applications (2019) 4: 7-12. DOI:


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