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Spider monkey in Taricaya

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DOI: 10.23977/jasv.2018.11001 | Downloads: 39 | Views: 2742


Fan Xia 1, Shiyu Fu 2, Ziyun Qi 3


1 International Department Senior 2 Class 1, Suzhou, China
2 Ulink-Beijing ASC, Beijing, China
3 The Education University of Hongkong, Hongkong, China

Corresponding Author

Fan Xia


This summer vacation, from August 4th to 18th, we had experienced being as a volunteer in an animal reserve which also works as a rescue center of wild animals in a part of the forest which called Taricaya (the Spanish name of a specific kind of turtle that the animal reserve in Taricaya mainly protects) . Through the introduction of the staffs in Taricaya, we learned that there used to be a special kind of monkey called spider monkey in this area, which plays a very important role in the rain-forest. Since the monkey is locally extinct in Taricaya, the biologists which mainly come from Britain are trying to reintroduce the spider monkey into this area. For further information, we interviewed one of the experts who is in charge of the reintroduction program of spider monkey in this animal reserve, asking him about how this program operates and the behaviors of the monkeys during this period.


Spider Monkey, Taricaya, Animal reserve


Fan, X., Shiyu, F., Ziyun, Q., Yuqiang, S., Ling Y., Spider monkey in Taricaya. Journal of Animal Science and Veterinary (2018) 1: 1-5.


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