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The Research and Design of a New Electronic Communication Counter for Sensors

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DOI: 10.23977/iotea.2016.11002 | Downloads: 51 | Views: 6446


Zhang Yiying 1, Zou Hongsen 2, Wang Hongli 3, Hu Miaolong 3, Chen Rui 3


1 Tianjin University of Science and Technology, Tianjin, 300457, China
2 State Grid Ningxia Electric Power Company Maintenance Company, Ningxia, 750011, China
3 Wins Wireless Network Technology LTD., Zhejiang, 314001, China

Corresponding Author

Zhang Yiying


With the development of Internet of Things, in addition to the basic counting function, the counter also needs to integrate more functions to meet the application requirements, such as display, communication, charging functions and other functions. Therefore, it is very necessary to design a new electronic counter which has an ability to communicate with outside, display counting information and energy supplement. In this paper, we design a new electronic counter based on the pulse counting theory, information communication theory and flash memory technology. First of all, we will count the pulse signal through the signal input circuit and the signal processing circuit into the control circuit, which can identify the digital pulse signal. Secondly, the control circuit count the number of digital pulse signal, the count number will be real-time displayed on the digital tube. Meanwhile, the counter communicates with the Bluetooth device (smartphone, pad, etc.) via the Bluetooth module. And users can use the Bluetooth device to configure the counter's operating parameters, clear or pre-count values, view the counter operating conditions and historical data.


Internet of Things, Electronic Counter, Sensor.


Hongsen, Z. , Miaolong, H. , Hongli, W. , Rui, C. and Yiying Z. (2016) The Research and Design of a New Electronic Communication Counter for Sensors. Internet of Things (IoT) and Engineering Applications (2016) 1: 6-10.


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