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Research on Financing Dilemma and Solutions of Small and Medium-Sized Real Estate Development Enterprises

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DOI: 10.23977/ferm.2021.040503 | Downloads: 5 | Views: 58


Shuaishuai Sun 1, Fengxin Zhang 1


1 Liaoning University of Technology, Liaoning, China

Corresponding Author

Shuaishuai Sun


The real estate industry is a pillar industry related to the national economy and people's livelihood. In recent years, China has been constantly regulating real estate development and housing sales activities to control speculation in the real estate industry. In this environment, small and medium-sized real estate development enterprises fall into the dilemma of financing difficulty, insufficient financing amount and high financing cost. Therefore, this article in view of the small and medium-sized real estate enterprises financing problems, found that small and medium-sized real estate development enterprise financing difficulty is much by its comprehensive strength as insufficient internal factors, as well as the macroeconomic situation, the political environment, social resulting from external factors. In order to solve the financing difficulties, this paper argues for the improvement of their own comprehensive strength, the adjustment of market and development strategy, the strengthening of capital operation and planning, and the use of "Internet + Finance" for real estate development financing and other ways, to help enterprises develop healthily and promote the smooth operation of economy.


Real Estate Industry, Small and Medium-Sized Real Estate Development Enterprises, Financing, the Enterprise Management


Shuaishuai Sun, Fengxin Zhang. Research on Financing Dilemma and Solutions of Small and Medium-Sized Real Estate Development Enterprises. Financial Engineering and Risk Management (2021) 4: 16-22. DOI:


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