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Research and Practice Based on Regional Planning and Design of Guangfu Landscape village——A case study of YanQian village in Zhaoqing

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DOI: 10.23977/LSUH.2018.11003 | Downloads: 60 | Views: 5085


Zhang Hong 1


1 College of Life Sciences, ZhaoQing University, Guangdong 526061

Corresponding Author

Zhang Hong


Under the background of new rural construction, how to create a characteristic landscape village is an important research topic in the practice of landscape village construction. Zhaoqing Qixingyan Scenic Area is a famous scenic spot in the country, but the villages on the edge of it are long-term and chaotic. In recent years, in the landscape planning and design and renovation of the new project in Yanqian Village, combined with the characteristics of the village, the historical humanities and the location of the city center, the spatial pattern of one park, two streets, multiple lanes and many scenic spots was sorted out, emphasizing from the macroscopic The three levels of meso, meso and micro are comprehensively upgraded to create a transformation plan for Lingnan characteristic landscape villages that are livable, happy, and suitable for travel. After implementation, they have achieved very good results and can be used for similar planning and design.


Qixing Rock Scenic area, marginal villages, Landscape Planning and Design, GuangFu Landscape village, productive Landscape


Hong, Z., Research and Practice Based on Regional Planning and Design of Guangfu Landscape village——A case study of YanQian village in Zhaoqing. Landscape and Urban Horticulture (2018) Vol. 1: 15-23.


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