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The potential of economic ore deposits related to meteorite impact structures

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DOI: 10.23977/geors.2018.11011 | Downloads: 43 | Views: 3824


Rui Zhu 1


1 Department of Applied Geology,WA School of Mines,Curtin Univerisity, Perth, Australia

Corresponding Author

Rui Zhu


At present, research on impact tectonics mainly covers the following aspects: 1. The structure and formation mechanism of the impact crater; 2. The ore-forming mineralization in impact structures; and 3. The economic and geological significance of impact structures. The study of impact structure not only has academic significance but also practical economic and geological significance. Economic deposits associated with impact structures range from world-class to relatively local deposits. There are three types of deposits: progenetic, syngenetic and epigenetic. There is increasing evidence that large-scale impact structures are often associated with economic deposits. Many impact structures can be targets for resource exploration but still need to be discovered. The exploration of impact structures is hindered by technology and sea-land erosion, and a considerable number of craters have been likely buried. Based on the economic deposits associated with these structures, further resource discovery and extraction has great potential. 


Impact structure; impact metamorphism; impact signature; economic and geological significance.


Rui, Z., The potential of economic ore deposits related to meteorite impact structures. Geoscience and Remote Sensing (2018) 1: 1-8.


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