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Empirical Study on Enhancing Fundamental Education Administration through Digital Intelligence Integration

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DOI: 10.23977/trance.2024.060411 | Downloads: 0 | Views: 36


Rongqiang Guo 1


1 Hangzhou Shengli Primary School, Hangzhou, China

Corresponding Author

Rongqiang Guo


In the milieu of the new epoch, propelling high-quality development via digital transformation stands as a pivotal challenge in contemporary elementary education. This study, taking Shengli Primary School in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province as an example, focuses on four key areas of digital intelligence: teaching methods, research and teacher training, evaluation techniques, and overall support services. By integrating with digital intelligence platforms, it erects a governance framework aimed at facilitating the school's high-caliber evolution through digitization. Firstly, it champions a learner-focused educational metamorphosis across all realms, leveraging AI to augment the pedagogical landscape for both educators and pupils. This fosters an organic expansion in the exploration and collaborative utilization of technology, thereby refining the efficacy of intelligent support systems. Secondly, the study introduces a multi-modal, converged approach to research and professional training, catalyzing sustained professional maturation among teachers. This is achieved through the establishment of diverse resource repositories and the cyclic refinement of these resources. Thirdly, it advocates for a three-dimensional, evidence-driven shift in assessment practices, infusing joyousness into the assessment journey and stimulating growth through the integration of offline evaluation tools for precise, smart diagnostics. Lastly, the research promotes an inclusive, cross-boundary decision-making support structure, harnessing the collective strengths of families, communities, administrative bodies, businesses, think tanks, and more. This collaborative ecosystem enriches the experience of the school and students, while also pooling premium extracurricular service provisions.


Fundamental Education; Education Administration; Digital Intelligence


Rongqiang Guo, Empirical Study on Enhancing Fundamental Education Administration through Digital Intelligence Integration. Transactions on Comparative Education (2024) Vol. 6: 84-91. DOI:


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