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Research on the Autonomous Learning Mode of College Students Based on Mobile Terminals under the Internet Environment

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DOI: 10.23977/trance.2021.030306 | Downloads: 1 | Views: 159


XU Chenwu 1, ZHao Yang 1


1 Hunan University of Humanities, Science and Technology, Loudi Hunan 417000, China

Corresponding Author

XU Chenwu


the advent of the Internet era, while liberating social productivity, has brought great convenience to human social life. At present, Internet technology has been fully applied to our study, work and life. So far, the mobile terminal under the influence of the Internet environment has developed more mature, and mobile terminal and other devices have become the necessities of people's life. In the process of daily travel, people basically have a mobile device. The nationwide coverage of WiFi signals accelerates the spread of the network. Only a small mobile device can complete travel payment, online shopping, signal transmission, etc. At the same time, the advent of the information age has also brought certain factors to the reform of higher education. Taking educational informatization as the research background and mobile Internet as the media, autonomous mutual learning has become an important development direction of the next generation of digital learning. At present, colleges and universities have realized the importance of information-based teaching reform, and have designed and shared the self-learning resource system in the actual teaching reform. They have actively constructed a set of harmonious self-help learning system in the campus, constantly improved the evaluation system of College Students' autonomous learning effect, and created a good learning atmosphere of self-help in university campus, in order to cultivate students' autonomous learning ability.


Internet environment, Mobile terminal, College students, Autonomous learning mode, Research


XU Chenwu, ZHao Yang. Research on the Autonomous Learning Mode of College Students Based on Mobile Terminals under the Internet Environment. Transactions on Comparative Education (2021) Vol. 3: 23-26. DOI:


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