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Research and practice of energy saving and emission reduction technology in green logistics engineering

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DOI: 10.23977/ssge.2024.060103 | Downloads: 49 | Views: 354


Yunyan Li 1, Ziru Cao 1


1 Department of Economic Management, North China Electric Power University, Baoding, 071003, China

Corresponding Author

Yunyan Li


The development of green logistics engineering has become an important trend in the field of supply chain management. Based on the supply chain model, this paper reduces the distance and frequency of cargo transportation by optimizing the design and layout of logistics network, thus reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions. At the same time, select the appropriate location of warehousing and distribution centers, optimize transportation routes, and establish multimodal transportation systems. Realize real-time monitoring and scheduling of transport vehicles, reasonably arrange the departure time and route of vehicles, improve transport efficiency and reduce energy consumption. It also reduces waste disposal costs and environmental impact by optimizing product recovery, reuse and recycling processes. The analysis found that optimizing transport routes could reduce energy consumption by 20%, while reducing carbon emissions by 100kg. The implementation of green logistics project is not only conducive to environmental protection, but also can bring economic benefits to enterprises.


Green logistics; Supply chain management; Transport of goods; Energy consumption; Carbon emission


Yunyan Li, Ziru Cao, Research and practice of energy saving and emission reduction technology in green logistics engineering. Smart Systems and Green Energy (2024) Vol. 6: 20-25. DOI:


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