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Analysis of the system of third parties without independent claims

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DOI: 10.23977/law.2024.030203 | Downloads: 6 | Views: 184


Zhang Zexin 1


1 School of Marine Law and Humanities, Dalian Ocean University, Dalian, China

Corresponding Author

Zhang Zexin


Since its establishment, the system of third party without independent claim has always had an important position, and many scholars have also conducted research on it, and the system itself has also been continuously improved. However, the provisions of our laws do not clearly define the various problems of the system of no independent third party, but only make a more macro conceptual provisions. For example, how to determine the litigation status of Wu-Du-San after participating in litigation is a controversial issue in practice and theory. For example, if Wu-Du-San applies to participate in litigation and is notified by the people's court to participate in litigation, the two ways of participating in litigation are still controversial in theory and logic, and so far there is no conclusion. This paper studies the value significance, system characteristics, existing problems and suggestions of the system, in order to clarify the relevant principles of the system and put forward suggestions for its improvement.


Third party without independent claim, sense of value, Legal interest


Zhang Zexin, Analysis of the system of third parties without independent claims. Science of Law Journal (2024) Vol. 3: 16-21. DOI: 10.23977/law.2024.030203.


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