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Development Trends and Challenges of Energy Storage Technology in Coal-fired Power Plants

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DOI: 10.23977/ssge.2023.050102 | Downloads: 13 | Views: 343


Pengfei Yao 1


1 Guoneng Hebei Longshan Power Generation Co., Ltd, Handan, Hebei, China

Corresponding Author

Pengfei Yao


With the rapid development of new energy sources such as wind and solar power, the global energy structure is undergoing profound changes. The increasing penetration and scale of renewable energy bring unprecedented stability challenges to the traditional power grid systems. Against this backdrop, the development of energy storage technology in coal-fired power plants, as a conventional method of power generation, becomes particularly important. Energy storage technology provides a solution for coal-fired power plants, effectively balancing grid load, coping with fluctuations in renewable energy, enhancing the stability of the power system, and promoting sustainable energy development. By integrating energy storage systems, coal-fired power plants can better adapt to the rise of new energy sources and enhance their competitiveness. However, the development of energy storage technology in coal-fired power plants is not smooth sailing. In the future, with continuous technological innovation and industrial upgrading, energy storage technology in coal-fired power plants is expected to achieve higher performance indicators, lower costs, and more extensive application scenarios. Analyzed from different perspectives, energy storage technology will play an increasingly important role in coal-fired power plants, providing strong support to address the challenges in the context of new energy.


Coal-fired Power Plants; Energy Storage Technology; Development Trends


Pengfei Yao, Development Trends and Challenges of Energy Storage Technology in Coal-fired Power Plants. Smart Systems and Green Energy (2023) Vol. 5: 11-16. DOI:


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