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Study on the Spatial Distribution of Enterprise Companies and Supporting Facilities in Beijing's Zhongguancun Area Based on POI Data

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DOI: 10.23977/jceup.2023.051106 | Downloads: 12 | Views: 394


Ling Jiang 1, Zhongtian Hu 1, Lu Zhang 1


1 North China University of Technology, NCUT, Beijing, China

Corresponding Author

Ling Jiang


This study conducts an analysis of the overall Points of Interest (POI) in the Zhongguancun area of Beijing. It focuses on extracting all enterprise companies within this area as research subjects. Leveraging the background of big data related to POI, it integrates information on supporting facilities for enterprise companies in Zhongguancun, including the distribution of hotels, convenience stores, coffee shops, and gyms. Through point-based analysis and kernel density analysis of these four types of supporting facilities, and considering the needs of the target audience, primarily office workers, this study comprehensively analyzes the improvement directions for supporting facilities in the Zhongguancun area.


POI, Zhongguancun, Kernel Density, Supporting Facilities


Ling Jiang, Zhongtian Hu, Lu Zhang, Study on the Spatial Distribution of Enterprise Companies and Supporting Facilities in Beijing's Zhongguancun Area Based on POI Data. Journal of Civil Engineering and Urban Planning (2023) Vol. 5: 39-45. DOI:


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