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An analysis of Modi Government's Indian Ocean Policy from the perspective of economic cooperation

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DOI: 10.23977/polsr.2020.010101 | Downloads: 23 | Views: 1555


Song Yao 1


1 Graduate School, China’s Foreign Affairs University, 24 Zhanlanguan Road, Beijing, China

Corresponding Author

Song Yao


Since Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken office, while adhering to the policy of giving priority to South Asia, he has gradually turned his attention to the southwest Indian Ocean, that is, Modi Government’s Indian Ocean Policy has shown a trend of “looking to the south”. Therefore, whether the economic cooperation between India and the Indian Ocean Nations also shows a trend of southward shift, which is the main content of the article. This article analyses the Indian Ocean Policy of Modi Administration from the perspective of economy, through the calculation of the economic cooperation data between Modi government and the countries along the Indian Ocean since he took office and analyse the trend of data, here we try to analyze the economic cooperation data of Modi government and evaluate the performance. And through the data of economic cooperation, it is confirmed that modi government's attention to the Indian Ocean indeed shows a trend of looking south.


Modi Administration, Indian Ocean Nations, Economic Cooperation, “Looking South”


Song Yao, An analysis of Modi Government's Indian Ocean Policy from the perspective of economic cooperation. Journal of Political Science Research (2020) 1: 1-6. DOI:


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