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Research on Online Buying Behavior of Agricultural Products

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DOI: 10.23977/infse.2020.010102 | Downloads: 35 | Views: 1403


Hao Wenyi 1


1 Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural University, Daqing , Heilongjiang Province, China, 163319

Corresponding Author

Hao Wenyi


In recent years, the development of the Internet is very rapid, the daily operation and product sales of enterprises are more and more inseparable from the Internet, and the growth of the online buying market is obvious. Some agricultural products began to join the network sales, which not only widened the marketing channels of agricultural products, but also enriched the agricultural products market, so that more consumers can obtain more and more affordable agricultural products. Through the analysis of 462 questionnaires, it is considered that consumers' satisfaction with the category richness of online agricultural products is very high, and the price ratio of online agricultural products is high, and the price advantage is the important reason why consumers buy agricultural products through the network. In the network sale, the characteristic agricultural product, the famous brand agricultural product is favored, but the freshness of the online buying agricultural product and the quality, safety and reliability of the online buying agricultural product are not recognized. Among the external objective factors that affect the behavior of online buying, the price of agricultural products and the quality of products themselves are still the most important influencing factors for consumers to buy agricultural products online, and the seller's credit, consumer security, network forums and so on also affect consumers' online buying decisions.


Online buying, Agricultural products, Consumption behavior


Hao Wenyi. Research on Online Buying Behavior of Agricultural Products. Information Systems and Economics (2020) 1: 18-24. DOI:


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