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Analysis of 3S Technology Application in Land Improvement Project

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DOI: 10.23977/erej.2020.040104 | Downloads: 14 | Views: 1393


Hui Kong 1,2


1 Shaanxi Provincial Land Engineering Construction Group Co., Ltd., Xi'an 710075, China; Institute of Land Engineering and Technology, Shaanxi Provincial Land Engineering Construction Group Co., Ltd., Xi'an 710021, China
2 Key Laboratory of Degraded and Unused Land Consolidation Engineering, the Ministry of Land and Resources, Xi'an 710021, China; Shaanxi Provincial Land Consolidation Engineering Technology Research Center, Xi'an 710021, China

Corresponding Author

Hui Kong


In the process of land improvement project implementation, field survey and reconnaissance studio in the early stage is an important link for the whole project to be completed efficiently and with high quality.Traditional field expeditions need to carry different instruments and equipment and paper drawings. The data obtained is slow in efficiency and low in accuracy. The diverse and complex data generated is not conducive to data integration in the later stage, and the team's information sharing and cooperation ability are greatly reduced.Using GIS, RS, GPS combination of 3 s technology, with high penetration rate, low cost of mobile terminal pad, mobile phone to gather in the early period of the carrier used in land reclamation engineering reconnaissance survey work, from the information acquisition, storage, management, analysis and sharing of multiple link efficiency are enhanced greatly, this article is based on 3 s technology and intelligent mobile side field reconnaissance work patterns of designing new land control, forming new tools and means, to reduce costs, improve efficiency colleagues better serve the construction of land reclamation engineering.


Ditch for land, Intelligent mobile terminal, 3Sapplication, The field reconnaissance


Hui Kong. Analysis of 3S Technology Application in Land Improvement Project. Environment, Resource and Ecology Journal (2020) 4: 31-39. DOI:


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