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Research on Coupling Mechanism and Path Optimization of Coordinated Development of New Retail and Modern Logistics

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DOI: 10.23977/jfsst.2021.010821 | Downloads: 4 | Views: 173


Baosu Li 1


1 University For Science And Technology Sichuan, Meishan, 620564, China

Corresponding Author

Baosu Li


With the rapid development of information technology, China's new retail market is increasingly prosperous, and the requirements for modern logistics are also higher and higher. There is a close relationship between new retail and modern logistics. They influence each other and prosper together. However, there are insurmountable problems between modern logistics and new retail. Compared with new retail, the development of modern logistics is slow, which restricts the development of new retail. The synergy between the two is weak, especially when the output value of new retail increases in a short period of time. Therefore, the deep integration of modern logistics and new retail is not only an inevitable requirement to enhance the competitiveness of new retail industry, but also an important breakthrough to promote the development of modern logistics


New retail, Modern logistics, Coordinated development, Coupling mechanism, Path optimization


Baosu Li. Research on Coupling Mechanism and Path Optimization of Coordinated Development of New Retail and Modern Logistics. Journal of Frontiers of Society, Science and Technology (2021) Vol. 1: 115-119. DOI:


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