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Related Courses Management for Internet of Things(Iot) Technologies in Engineering Training Plan

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DOI: 10.23977/jfsst.2021.010817 | Downloads: 5 | Views: 156


Shen ChengShu 1, Peng XiaoShan 1, Sun Jian 1, Tian HongXing 1, Gu Xun 1


1 Guiyang University, Guiyang, 550005, China

Corresponding Author

Shen ChengShu


According to the requirements of the current market for Internet of things(IoT) technology, based on the data required by the actual application, according to the effective learning time of the current undergraduate engineering students in the University, the training plan of Internet of things(IoT) technology is developed by using the Management of Information Systems(MIS). Starting from the relevant courses, the training plan of each stage is listed, the courses of each stage are managed, and each stage is explained The required theoretical and practical hours. This paper puts forward the train of thought for the relevant course management of practical Internet of things(IoT) technical talents.


Courses management, Internet of things(iot) technology, Management of information systems(mis), Training plan


Shen ChengShu, Peng XiaoShan, Sun Jian, Tian HongXing, Gu Xun. Related Courses Management for Internet of Things(Iot) Technologies in Engineering Training Plan. Journal of Frontiers of Society, Science and Technology (2021) Vol. 1: 95-100. DOI:


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