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Effects of Light Rare Earth Compound Fertilizer on Physiological Characters of Dechang Tobacco in Liangshan

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DOI: 10.23977/jfsst.2021.010709 | Downloads: 5 | Views: 136


Li Lu 1, Li Jiancun 1, Zhang Wanming 1, Yin Huizhen 1, Yu Xingfen 1


1 Xichang University, Xichang Sichuan, 615000, China

Corresponding Author

Zhang Wanming


in this experiment, tobacco leaves were planted in different regions in Dechang County, Liangshan Prefecture. According to different planting areas, the same concentration of LREE foliar compound fertilizer was sprayed to improve the quality of tobacco leaves. The results showed that the application of LREE foliar compound fertilizer could not only increase the content of Na and K in tobacco leaves, but also inhibit the content of Cl - in tobacco leaves. At the same time, it can also improve the continuous combustion of flue-cured tobacco, improve the overall quality of tobacco, so as to achieve the expected goal.


Rare earth elements, Compound fertilizer, Tobacco leaf, Physiological characters


Li Lu, Li Jiancun, Zhang Wanming, Yin Huizhen, Yu Xingfen. Effects of Light Rare Earth Compound Fertilizer on Physiological Characters of Dechang Tobacco in Liangshan. Journal of Frontiers of Society, Science and Technology (2021) Vol. 1: 50-54. DOI:


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